About Web Browser Manager

With the launch of the Google Chrome , yet another Web Browser, the list of web browser application is growing: Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Flock, Internet Explorer, and more.

With this explosion of web browser software, their is a growing need for another type of application responsible to manage all disparate favorites system, bookmarks system, password: we call that type of application a Web Browser Manager.  A Web Browser Manager is a new type of application responsible to perform simple tasks like synchronizing favorites between all web browsers installed on a PC, launching a specific Web browser depending on a web site, centralizing all favorites/bookmarks no matter what browser you are using, centralizing your web browsing history, centralizing your browsing privacy, etc.

This new type of application is the design goal of the Ti-Took(tm) Immersion Player (TIP).  TIP is designed to include the web browser management functionality, however under the hood it is more than that.  It is actually more specifically a Cloud Browser.  TIP is a completely new bread of application designed to immerse you into the next evolution of the Internet.






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