How to install Ti-Took on you browser toolbar for online bookmark

How to install Ti-Zapplet for Firefox or Chrome web browsers?
- Just drag the following link Ti-Took It! or drag the following button and drop it on your Browser toolbar.

How to install Ti-Zapplet on your Internet Explorer browsers?
- Right-click on the following link Ti-Took It!
- Select Add Favorites
- Select the Links folder


It’s that simple.  After this setup, you will be able to store any bookmarks into your Ti-Took account with ONE CLICK.


How to use your Ti-Zapplet?

Simply by clicking on the button you just installed inside your browser toolbar.

Click here to go back to www.titook.net.

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Latest improvement of the Ti-Took(tm) Favorite Bookmarks Page

To improve the Favorite Bookmark page to our user, we have updated the favorite bookmark page by adding the TAG list view. With this view, you will be able to see all the TAGs that you have created. Clink on one of the TAG brings you to see the list of all favorite bookmarks associated to that tag.

We also updated the border color for all thumbnail favorite bookmarks. A private favorite bookmark has a red border, while a public favorite bookmark has a green border.

We hope you enjoy these improvements. Please provide us your feedback to improve Ti-Took(tm).

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