TiTook.Net Alpha Release 0.0.2 will be available very soon

Our team is making major design changes to the Ti-Took(tm)  Cloud Community web portal.  The new theme is oriented toward a  blue and white color theme and the background used is a cloud.    This new design joins our vision to create a little cloud for each of us.  The software development team at RealWat Inc. is working overtime to ensure we will deliver to you this amazing new platform by the end September.

Alpha Release  0.0.2 comes with the following basic features:

  • Centralized online favorites 
  • Public Bookmarks view
  • Public online profile (Ti-Yoo) View
  • Private online profile management
  • Google Custom Search

The Google Custom Search results are presented in a more pleasant way.

We will also release  the first  BETA version of the TIP (Ti-Took Immersion Player).  TIP is a new type of application developped internally by RealWat Inc. to function originally like a Web Browser Manager.

To give some credits to the people behind this project, we would like to thanks: 

  • Hok Malin
  • Lorn Se
  • Lonh Samdy
  • Te Soknyra
  • Chhay Sokoun
  • Phann Malinka
  • Ker Davine
  • Kheng Pisey
  • Chamroeun
for their creativity, dedication, discipline and hard work to make this project a reality.
And also a thanks to the advisors (Mr. Gagnon, Mr. Braud, Mr. Blanchette, Mr. Fernandez, Mme. Lord, Mr. Maheux, Mme. Bourgouin, Mr. Sanson, Mr. Hebert and many others) who guides us through many many obstacles.
Your are welcomed to add your comments and suggestion to improve this product.
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